Published: May 09, 2013 5:18 PM EDT

TAMPA- A Tampa restaurant has pulled "lion meat tacos" from its menu, after an uproar from the public.

Taco Fusion opened in February, and was known for serving all kinds of exotic tacos, like the beaver taco, the otter taco and even a dish called the camel taco.

The shop didn't cause too much controversy with its selection, until the lion taco showed up on the menu. That got people talking.

"There's a human healthcare concern. There's obviously an animal welfare concern and there's a bigger picture, you know, the bigger concern is where do we as a society draw the line," asked Jeff Kremer of the Big Cat Rescue.

The lion taco was pricey at about $35 each. After the supply of lion meat ran out, and with all the negative publicity, Taco Fusion decided not to carry lion tacos anymore. But if you're looking for an adventurous meal, they still have shark, gazelle, ostrich, rattlesnake and kangaroo on the menu.