WINK-TV Channel Change

WINK TV has upgraded!

If you watch WINK using our over-the-air signal or by means of a digital converter box, our channel has moved from 11 to 50 and we now have a more powerful signal. If you have not already, rescan your TV or converter box to watch us on our new channel.

If you watch WINK through any cable provider or satellite service, please disregard this message, as your service has not been affected.

All viewers who receive our signal with an antenna are required to do a rescan of their DTV or converter box. In most cases, this is all that is necessary. A new stable picture should be visible after the rescan has been completed.

However, in some cases the displayed channel number may not be 11.1 for WINK, even though the picture is fine. This will happen in some DTVs and converter boxes because the original channel 11.1 is still retained in memory, thus displaying a different channel number for WINK.

To correct this, we suggest a double rescan. This means you should remove the antenna cable that feeds your DTV or converter box, then perform a rescan. Since the antenna cable is not connected, the DTV or converter box will not find any channels. This, in effect, has reset the receiver portion of the DTV or converter box.

Now, reconnect the antenna and perform a second rescan. This time the DTV or converter box will find all the channels available including the new WINK signal. WINK will now be displayed as 11.1.

Instructions for how to rescan for digital TV channels can also be found on the Federal Communications Commission website:

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