Published: Jul 16, 2013 1:09 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 16, 2013 5:15 PM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.- The FGCU men's basketball team continues to soar. If you thought the Eagles' Cinderella story was over...think again!

The team is heading out West for the ESPY Awards. They are up for "The Best Upset" award.

Right now, the stars of Dunk City are on a plane, heading to LA for the awards. The FGCU men's basketball team has been nominated for their 78-68 win over Georgetown during March Madness.

FGCU was the first 15 seed to ever make it to the Sweet 16, and in a huge bracket buster, they beat number two seeded Georgetown. That win got FGCU national attention.

For the ESPY, the Eagles are up against Louisville's women's basketball team's upset over Baylor, boxing's Marquez over Pacquiao, and college football's Texas A&M win over Alabama.

Point guard Brett Comer and forward Chase Fieler spoke with WINK News after practice this morning about what it would be like to win the ESPY.

"It's hard to wrap your mind around the concept that you just won the ESPY. I don't think any of us are completely ready for it, but we're excited for it," said Fieler.

"Ours was the most recent, which also helps, also how many people followed us from across the country. Not just in our area. We have fans all the way to Philly and California, and it's crazy how much pull we have now, and it should help us win this ESPY," said Comer.     

With your vote, our boys in emerald and blue can take home the award. Click here to vote, but keep in mind, you can only vote once! The awards are announced tomorrow night.