Published: Aug 07, 2010 5:03 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 08, 2010 4:30 AM EDT

ASHBURN, Virginia (AP) — Albert Haynesworth, the Washington Redskins' $100 million defensive lineman, has finally passed the conditioning test.

Haynesworth arrived early Saturday at Redskins Park and completed both 300-yard shuttle runs in the required times, ending a soap opera that had overshadowed training camp.

Haynesworth's success came on the 10th day of the camp, and it meant he would be allowed to put on pads with his teammates for the first time. Coach Mike Shanahan had said Haynesworth could not practice until passing the test.

Haynesworth was the only Redskins player who had to take the test, a requirement because he was absent from the team's offseason conditioning program.

He failed the test on the first two days of camp, and a sore knee hampered his efforts over the last week.