Published: Aug 06, 2010 11:02 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 07, 2010 4:30 AM EDT

MIAMI (AP) — Instant replay might not have changed the call that cost the Florida Marlins a game.

The Marlins were still shaking their heads Friday about the decision, the day after third-base umpire Bob Davidson ruled a sharp grounder by Gaby Sanchez was a foul ball rather than a game-winning RBI hit in the ninth inning against Philadelphia.

After watching a replay, Davidson insisted he had the call correct.

With no replay angle showing conclusively whether the ball passed over the third-base bag — which would make it fair — observers were left to dissect the path of Sanchez's grounder. It bounced on the foul line before reaching the base, then bounced inside the line behind third.

Despite those hops, Davidson ruled the ball foul.