Published: Aug 21, 2014 9:32 AM EDT


Parental lifestyle affects offspring's health:  

Parental influence on a child begins before conception.

Poor parental health = child's poor health

Obese parent = child with metabolic disease - cardiovascular and diabetes

Anxiety and immune dysfunction can be passed on.

Children of obese fathers are more likely to develop cancer.


Environment's effect on embryo:  

Age of the parents.

Poor diet affects eggs and sperm

Smoking - chemicals stored in egg and sperm




Not too late to make a change.

Adopt better lifestyle choices when deciding to have children.

The few months prior to conception are key!


Children affected by Parental Incarceration  

2.6 million U.S. children have a parent in jail at any given time.

Significant health problems, including behavioral issues in children.

More detrimental than divorce or death of a parent.

Increase in ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, speech or language issues, developmental delays and behavior or conduct problems.