Published: Aug 14, 2014 11:48 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Dr. Annette St. Pierre MacKoul talks about three new studies involving the risk of obesity to your children.

More Intensive Interventions Needed to Combat Severe Obesity in Teens:  

6% of children and teens are severely obese.

90% will grow up to be obese adults.

Serious health problems can arise.

Decrease in quality of life will occur.


Pediatric Severe Obesity:  

Healthy lifestyle changes with diet and exercise.

Medical weight management programs


-Weight-loss surgery


Program to Combat Childhood Obesity Gets Kids in Daycare Moving:  

Intervention program initiated in daycare centers.

91% of physical activity goals achieved

Promote lifelong health benefits.

Nutrition and Physical Activity were promoted.

Conclusion is that intervention is necessary. 


Data from this study:  

More than 200 children studied in 26 daycare centers, ages 3-5 years.

Equal number of boys and girls studied.

Pre-intervention: sedentary 89.9% of the time.

Intervention occurred with education and guidelines given.

Post-intervention: physical activity increased by 22%.

Vigorous activity increased by 50%.                    

Moderate activity increased by 33%.

Control group showed no significant changes.


Fetal Exposure to Lead Linked to Obesity in Mice:  

Known:  Neurological and learning disabilities.

New:  exposure in utero leads to obesity in children.

Level of exposure didn't matter.

8-10% increase in weight of children.

Males > females