Published: Jun 13, 2014 9:41 AM EDT


Dad’s Not the Sporty Type:

If your dad isn't quite the sporty type and you still want to encourage him to get

some exercise, a gym membership with a few sessions with a personal trainer would help. A trainer might help

your father learn about the benefits of fitness, and perhaps help him figure out a kind of exercise that he'll enjoy.

Dad Can’t Relax:

Many fathers seem unable to take it easy, they just can't take a break. So think about a

Father's Day gift that will force your dad to have some fun and take some time off. A gift certificate for a

massage is a good way to get someone to relax and recuperate. But not everyone is open to being kneaded by a

stranger, so if your dad's sheepish about that sort of thing, think about a Trigger Point foam roller for self mas.

Dad’s a Weekend Athlete:

If dad’s already into exercising EBRACE it! Does he need a new pair of workout

shoes? Maybe an iTunes gift card for some more motivating music? If he is more into working out at home, a

P90X3 DVD set might be what he needs to rev up his routine. The biggest difference this time? All the work

outs are only 30 minutes long including the warm up so Dad’s got no excuse he’s too busy. (Price $120).

Use your Father's Day gift to encourage your dad to get moving. Even if he's fallen out of the habit of

exercising regularly, a new piece of equipment might be just the thing to inspire your father to start up again.


• If Dad Lives Close By: Go see him. Spend time with him doing something active, even if it’s just go for

a walk. Thank him for all of his life lessons and tell him you love him. I’m taking Dad golfing J

• If Your Husband is a Dad: Spend the day together as a family doing something fun and active. It can

be a family picnic, a hike, or a simple game of Hide and Seek. Cook your hubby his favorite healthy

dish and plan a “special” workout routine for after the kids have gone to bed.

• If Dad Lives Far Away: Get on the phone, even better if you can add a video component such as Face

Time or Skype.

• If You have no Dads in Your Life: Go for a run with a special workout mix that includes Puff Daddy,

Daddy Yankee, and Papa Roach. LOL!

 ** Give him something that will last a lifetime: a healthy lifestyle.