Published: May 23, 2014 11:08 AM EDT


START TODAY. Try to stick to your normal workout routine TODAY and TOMORROW morning. Get the

weekend started on the right foot. If you start sliding out of control from the beginning it is hard to catch up.

GET ACTIVE. Make the weekend as active as possible. If you are getting together with friends, organize

outdoor activities like volleyball, soccer, Frisbee, etc. The more there is to keep you busy the less likely you are

to hover over the food table. You are also burning extra calories!

GRILL SMART. Grilling is a great healthy option, but you have to pick the right things to grill. Skip the

hotdogs and grill chicken breasts with a side of veggies. I also LOVE grilled corn on the cob. Veggie kabobs

are great. Then, the trick is to eat the veggie kabob first, so you take the hunger-edge off before digging into the

more diet-dangerous foods, such as burgers and chips.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Burger). BYOB and bring your own burger! I often go to BBQ’s bringing my own

chicken breast or lean burger. You can also offer to bring something healthy. This gives you at least one option

that you know is good and won’t derail your progress.

SOCIALIZE. Keep yourself busy. Make it about the people you're seeing. Socialize, mingle, help out in the

kitchen, play with children. Make it a feed-your-soul kind of day!

ALCOHOL. Try to limit (ELIMINATE) alcohol. Pick Saturday, Sunday, or Monday to drink. NOT all 3 days.

STAY HYDRATED. Keep a water bottle handy as it is very hot in most areas and you will need to keep

yourself hydrated ALL the times. Just holding a glass of water in your hand can deter you from over eating.

BUDDY UP! Hang around a friend who is a ‘health nut’ (come hang with me!) so you can motivate each other

and hold each other accountable.

BALANCE. Try to do something ACTIVE every day. Don’t overindulge in anything. I think that it's important

to remember that it's a balance of calories and physical activity. If you want to have chips and a burger,

incorporate some physical activity into the weekend to balance it out. It's a great time to get outside and

physical activity really is a key part of managing weight and staying healthy.

CONCLUSION. Finally, if you do indulge don’t beat yourself up. Own it and move on. Everyone has a

splurge now and again. If you had a little too much Saturday don’t let that be an excuse to go crazy the rest

of the weekend. Just acknowledge it and commit to doing better starting with your next meal or snack. Life

is always around us and we should be able to enjoy it and still stay focused on our commitment to health and

fitness. ENJOY the weekend and wear sunscreen! (May is skin cancer awareness month) Happy Memorial