Published: May 22, 2014 9:43 AM EDT


Delaying Measles-Related Vaccines:  Seizure Risk?  

Increased risk of seizures if MMR administered after 15 months. Seizures are related to fevers. Chance of seizures doubles with delayed vaccine administration.

Study Design:  

323,000 children studied in the U.S. 4 year study. Studied all vaccines. Only concern was the MMR and MMRV vaccine and delayed administration. 

MMR Vaccine:  

Recommended timing for 1st MMR = 12-15 months.  Second dose recommended at 4-6 years.  5% of children get a fever 7-10 days after. One in 4,000 doses cause a fever-related seizure.

Immunization with fever related seizures: seizures last 1-2 minutes.  Altered state of consciousness.  Trembling loss of bladder/bowel control.  No lasting effect - no harm.  Shattered nerves in parents. Normal children - seizures occur in 2-5%.

Recommendations: Follow the AAP guidelines for vaccine administration. 1/1/14 - 5/9/14 = 187 cases of measles. Highest rate of measles since 1996. Most of those sickened hadn't been vaccinated.

Ohio Measles Outbreak Largest since Mid-1990's:  

Ohio = 1/4 cases

Utah = 1/2 cases

California = 1/4 cases

Nationwide = 187 cases/4.5 months of 2014

Last year = 189 cases

Largest outbreak since 1996 Outbreaks eradicated in 2000 Mumps outbreak also = >300 cases