Published: Apr 04, 2014 9:27 AM EDT

If you are trying to sell you home, ther are a few things you should be asking yourself. Does your home have one or more of the five biggest homebuyer turn-offs?

WINK News This Morning Real Estate Expert Denny Grimes joined us in the studio to explain.

1. Overpricing: The silent Killer
• Overpricing is like high blood pressure; it's the silent killer because there are no outward signs of a problem. Seller's lack of activity suggests a pricing problem but sellers rarely believe it.
• The seller's normal comment is "how do you know it's overpriced if no one looks at it"? But because of the internet, people are "looking" at it. They are just saying no.
• A lot of showings and no offers is still overpricing, but not by as much as no showings

2. Smells
• Everyone knows about pet odor and cigarette smoke. However, the smell that's overlooked is that of stale air. Musty or moldy smell is a huge turn off and will raise a red flag to the buyer that there may be deeper problems.
• With the summer months approaching make sure to air out your home from time to time. If vacant, turn down AC to 80 or set humistat so that air stays dry.

3. Clutter
• This photo is real and laughable and a little on the extreme. But 95% of homes we list we have to rearrange "clutter" in order to take photos.

o Key Areas to Address:

o Kitchen counters (you don't want your kitchen to look the appliance section of Best Buy)

o Stuff off the refrigerator, including the top of it

o If it's on the floor and it does not serve a purpose, move it.

o Family photos

• A home can be spotless and adorned with expensive things, but overdone it's still clutter

4. Deferred Maintenance
• Fix minor issues so they don't become major ones in the mind of a buyer
• Start with the front of the house. A broken garage light or a faded front door is not a strong welcome mat.
• Order a home inspection and tackle the items on that list before you list

5. Dated Décor