Published: Aug 21, 2013 9:02 AM EDT

Thai Style Chicken Breast with Creamy Jasmine Rice & Red Curry

Lemongrass Chicken Marinade:
5.5oz Lemongrass
1oz  Basil
1.5 oz Cilantro
5oz  Scallion (green only)
1/2oz Garlic
2oz  Ginger
5oz  Palm Sugar
12oz  Fish Sauce
4oz  Water
6oz  Ice

Combine all ingredients in the vita prep and blend until smooth.

Rub the chicken down with the marinade. Allow to marinate for a minimum of 16 hours (overnight).  Remove from excess marinade and hold for cooking.

Jasmine Rice:
1qt Jasmine Rice
1qt Water

Cook in a pot covered for 14-17  minutes (until done). Remove from the pot uncovered and cool immediately in the refrigerator. You are par cooking the rice so don’t overcook, you’ll need to re warm later to finish.

Jasmine Rice
2oz Chicken Stock
3oz Jasmine Rice 
1/8tsp Toasted Coriander Seed (ground to a fine powder)
1oz Heavy Cream
1/2tsp Cilantro Leaves (minced)
1tsp Butter
1/8tsp Lemon Zest
TT Kosher Salt

In a small sauté pan add chicken stock, rice, & toasted coriander.  Next add butter, lemon zest, and cilantro.  Finish with the heavy cream and kosher salt. Taste and serve.

Red Curry Coconut Sauce:
½ ea Medium white onion (small dice)
1T Garlic (minced)
1T Ginger (minced)
1.5oz Lemon grass (fine minced)
2 oz Red Thai Curry
1T Palm Sugar
1 oz Fish sauce
1qt Coconut Milk
1.5 oz Basil (minced)
1 oz Cilantro (minced)
1 oz Mint (minced)
1 oz Sesame oil
1 T Lime Juice

Heat the sesame oil in a medium sized rondeau; add onion, ginger, garlic & sauté until brown.  Add lemon grass, red curry & sauté all ingredients on a low heat to bring out the curry flavor.  Deglaze with fish sauce, add coconut milk, palm sugar, basil, cilantro, mint & reduce to desired flavor & consistency. Once flavors are well incorporated, blend, strain, adjust flavor with salt, pepper and lime juice.