Published: Aug 16, 2013 7:30 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 16, 2013 7:57 AM EDT

NAPLES, FL - Animal organizations around the world and across Southwest Florida, including The Humane Society Naples, come together on the third Saturday of August each year to educate the public about an epidemic that continues to overwhelm animal shelters - pet overpopulation.

According to Humane Society Naples, many public shelters do not have the option to turn away surrendered pets when space is not readily available. Therefore, they are forced to euthanize pets to make room for more due to volume.

In addition to pets who die in a shelter each year, there are those pets that go from being in a home with a family to being abandoned on the streets. These pets try their best to survive, but they face disease, parasites, hunger and death by humans and other animals.

As a private, non-profit shelter, The Humane Society Naples has the ability not to have to euthanize pets unnecessarily. The no-kill shelter gives pets time to find a home where they will be forever loved. The shelter encourages all pet owners to be a part of the solution by having their pet spayed or neutered to help limit the amount of homeless animals in shelters.

The Humane Society Naples has a special fund that supports local spay/neuter efforts for lower-income pet owners in the Southwest Florida community. You can help cover the costs of these surgical procedures by contacting Director of Development, Andy Reed at (239)643-1880 x21 or

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