Published: Jul 26, 2013 9:19 AM EDT

I understand that asking an agent that question is like asking a WINK reporter what
station has the best local news, so many may think a Realtor's answer may be a
tad bias, but I will do my best to provide an objective answer.
Let me answer the two questions you raised:
• Is it a good idea? Maybe
• Can the seller save thousands of dollars? Maybe
1. Is it a good idea? 
• Selling your own home can be compared to giving yourself Botox injections. After all, what
could be so hard about sticking a needle in your face and squirting some Botox in your
• Sellers may think, what can be so hard about sticking a sign in the yard and dickering price with
a potential buyer.
o Sounds easy, but a lot can go wrong with both those examples and any complication
would tip the scale from a potentially good idea to a really bad idea
• Therefore, selling your own home MAY be a good idea if the potential savings outweighs the
cost of your time and the risk.
• Speaking from experience, if something goes wrong in transaction it can cost the seller more
than the commission he was trying to save.
2. Can Thousands of Dollars be saved?
• It is possible save money if the entire transaction go perfectly, but the savings are not what a seller
thinks and when put into perspective, may not be worth the risk.