Published: Apr 26, 2013 9:38 AM EDT

Fort Myers Beach, Fla. -- Southwest Florida is known for its beaches, and what lies beneath the turquoise water will also make headlines. An Austrian artist is turning Lee county's most famous dive site, the USS Mohawk Veterans Memorial Reef, into a temporary work of art. The catch is that the exhibit will only be accessible to divers.

The artist, Andreas Franke, takes a unique approach to underwater photography. He superimposes underwater pictures of a ship with photos of models in period costumes doing everyday activities. Then the poster-size master-pieces are sealed between sheets of plexi-glass and displayed on the ship with magnets, to ensure no damage to the vessel.

Franke's Mohawk exhibit will be the third of his Sinking World projects. Previous projects were on the U.S. Warship, Hoyt S. Vandenberg off Key West, and a Greek freighter off Barbados.

The exhibit is scheduled to be hung in late May on the Mohawk.