Published: Feb 29, 2012 5:55 AM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. -- The Lee County School District wants to know what happened to cause a bus driver to get a bus full of kids stuck in the sand.  One mom told WINK News her kids were kept on the bus for more than an hour while it was stuck in the sand.

Amanda Kilburn's three kids were on board a Lee County school bus Monday when it got stuck in the sand in Lehigh Acres.

"My son calls me on the bus totally freaking out, scared to death," said Kilburn.

Kilburn's daughter, Kaitlyn, said the driver attempted to correct a wrong turn.

"She passed the bus stop so she said we're going to turn around and have a little bit of fun so she made all these tracks and then she got stuck in the sugar sand," said Kaitlyn Hayslip, Kilburn's daughter.

The Lee County School District said the students were on the bus for less than an hour before another bus arrived.  Kilburn, who went to the scene to pick up her kids, told a different story/

"They were on there way more than a hour.  They did not get home until at least 4 p.m., later than that," said Kilburn.

"Everybody started to scream and get around and started switching seats,"said Hayslip.

Kilburn said she showed her ID but wasn't allowed to get her kids off the bus until the principal and transportation safety arrived.  The district said that's their policy to keep kids safe.

"This was totally insane, uncalled for beyond belief.  This is, she could have hurt any one of these kids seriously," said Kilburn.

Kilburn doesn't understand why the bus ended up stuck at all.

"You missed a stop, you're going to do a u-turn, why not go to the road?  There is a road, not 10 feet, down here," said Kilburn.

WINK News spoke to the school district Tuesday, about discipline for the driver.  Joe Donzelli, communications director for the district said, "we cannot automatically discipline any employee without cause.  Every situation must be reviewed based on its own facts and that will take place in this case."