Published: Feb 08, 2012 3:00 PM EST
Updated: Feb 08, 2012 7:03 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla.- Late Tuesday morning the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Airport Pulling Road in Naples will likely be filled with protesters. They're here to oppose Governor Walker and what they call attacks on workers rights.

Governor Walker has been traveling all over the country holding fundraisers, but today, he is the keynote speaker at a luncheon. He has been greeted by protesters at several of the events he has attended.

The controversy goes back to his plan last year to limit collective bargaining rights for public sector unions. When that started gaining attention it sparked weeks of sit-ins, protests, and boycotts.

Since then a million signatures have been collected to recall the governor. As he has prepared for the possibility of a recall election, over 4.5 million dollars have collected according a recent report from his campaign.

The protesters from groups like NAACP, Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Occupy Naples will also attack Governor Scott Wednesday. They say his policies also have damaging effects on working families.

The demonstration will get started around 11:00 a.m. and will last until 1:00 pm. Just across the street, Governor Walker's luncheon will get started at noon.