Published: Aug 23, 2011 3:15 PM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.  150 upset Jet Blue passengers are finally get out of Southwest Florida after being stranded for more than 18 hours longer than expected.   The passengers where suppose to head to Newark, New Jersey at 11:57a.m Monday,  but there was a problem with the plane when another plane arrived to take them it had to be cancelled because a crew member was sick.
 And it meant a night in a hotel here in Southwest florida.
So what is covered in your passenger bill of rights the next time you fly?
   Overbooked flights, airlines  have to pay more if passengers are bumped from an oversold  flight, anywhere from $650 to 1,300,depending on how long it takes to get rebooked.
   If any of your bags are lost,  the airline must not only pay for the contents, but also give you  back their baggage fees.
  Al fees whether taxes or things you buy on a plane like food or drinks must be on the company's website.
  And the airlines  will also pay a price for leaving passengers stuck on a plane,   if travelers  sit on the tarmac for more than three hours on a domestic flight or four hours on an  international flight. l  Finally carriers will have to do more to inform passengers about delays  or cancellations both at the airport and online.