Published: Dec 01, 2010 2:47 PM EST
Updated: Dec 01, 2010 11:13 AM EST

 It's Wednesday and here on 6TV  it means only one thing!
 Lets eat!
  Here today to show us how to make tuna tataki  chef  Christopher DeGenova from AZN AZIAN CUIZINE

Recipe:Tuna Tataki


1 ea

Ponzu Sauce
1 cup
Soy Sauce
1 cup
1 cup
Rice Vinegar
1 cup
Granulated Sugar
1 ea
1 ea

Method Of Preparation
In a sauté pan over high heat season the tuna and sear the outside of the
tuna lightly about 30 seconds per side. In a medium mixing bowl place all ponzu ingredients and whisk until even. Slice the cucumber very thin and place in middle of plate. Slice tuna in thin strips and place around the
cucumber top the dish with ponzu and serve.

Fresh Sashimi Grade Tuna
Salt & Pepper
Vegetable Oil

European Cucumber