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Published: Nov 18, 2013 11:21 PM EST

TORONTO (AP) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he's "finished" with alcohol.
In a TV interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Ford acknowledged that his drinking has resulted in "excessive, stupid, immature behavior."
But the Toronto City Council says it wants to be finished with Ford. Following a heated debate, during which spectators shouted "Shame! Shame!" and Ford knocked a councilwoman to the floor while charging toward hecklers, the council voted to strip the mayor of the last of his meaningful powers.
Ford called the move a "coup d'etat" and is vowing an "outright war" in next year's mayoral election.
The council lacks the power to remove Ford from office unless he is convicted of a crime. Instead, the council voted overwhelmingly to slash the mayor's budget by 60 percent and allow his staff to move to the deputy mayor, who now takes on many of the mayor's former powers.
Ford does retain his title and the ability to represent Toronto at official functions.