Published: May 21, 2013 10:32 PM EDT
Updated: May 21, 2013 10:44 PM EDT

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A precise count is difficult to come by, but officials at four hospitals in the Oklahoma City area say they've more than 200 hundred patients, including dozens of children, since yesterday's deadly tornado struck.
Dozens of patients remain hospitalized this evening.
The storm killed at least 24 people, including at least nine children. But the fire chief in Moore, perhaps the hardest hit community, says he's "98 percent sure" there are no more victims or survivors under the rubble.
Fire Chief Gary says every damaged home has been searched at least once, and that his goal is to conduct three searches of each location just to be sure.
He's hopeful the work could be completed by nightfall, though heavy rains have slowed efforts and soaked debris piles.
The National Weather Service says the tornado that hit Moore was a top-of-the-scale EF-5 twister with winds of at least 200 mph. It cut a path 17 miles long and 1.3 miles wide.