MGN Online

Published: Apr 30, 2013 11:18 PM EDT

Here is new a CBS News/New York Times Poll on the Boston bombings and the threat of terrorism.

Highlights from the poll:

--41 percent think U.S. Intelligence agencies had information that could have prevented the bombings at the Boston Marathon, but 45 percent do not.

--President Barack Obama and law enforcement agencies get good marks for their response to the attacks. 68 percent approve of the President’s response, and 84 percent approve of how federal and local law enforcement handled the bombings.

--66 percent now think another terrorist attack in the U.S. is at least somewhat likely, up from 37 percent last year. Just about a quarter are very concerned about an attack in their own area.

--53 percent think the Boston bombing suspects were connected to a larger terrorist group, while 32 percent think they acted alone. The poll was conducted before reports that female DNA was found on one of the bomb fragments.

--Americans support surveillance cameras in public places, and think bomb-making information should not be posted on the internet.

Margin of error: 3 pts.