Published: Apr 20, 2013 12:02 AM EDT

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) - An attorney says in court documents that the man accused of mailing ricin-tainted letters to the president and a U.S. senator was chained to a chair and interrogated for several hours after his arrest.
Paul Kevin Curtis was in a Mississippi courtroom Friday afternoon, but prosecutors have asked to delay that hearing. They say Curtis' car and home are being searched, and officers could not enter until they were inspected by a hazardous materials team.
Curtis' attorney, Christi McCoy, gave some details of Curtis' arrest in documents opposing the delay. She says Curtis had been planning to go to his ex-wife's home to cook dinner for her and their children when he was arrested Wednesday while he got his mail.
Curtis mouthed the words "I didn't do it" to people in the courtroom after he entered.