Published: Feb 15, 2013 12:03 AM EST

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.- Our Call for Action investigators featured a new school operated by the U.S. Coast Guard last April, to make sure cruise companies catch problems before they set sail. We tagged along as their students toured a ship in Fort Lauderdale.

The students in this class aren't just from the Coast Guard...they also come from the cruise industry...who want to further their knowledge of safety.

One student says, "We take safety extremely seriously."

Vice-President of Environmental Compliance and Maritime Safety Richard Pruitt gave us a tour of a cruise ships engine room in Fort Lauderdale. He says, "We have a large cadre of engineers who are maintaining the various equipment on board and we have a watch engineer who is monitoring thousands of sensors in the engine room and all the technical systems to make sure they stay in a safe and optimal range."

He says the cruise line works with the coast guard from the moment it starts thinking about building a new ship... to the moment it sets sail for your trip.  "We're not just concerned with our guest safety we have crew members that we think of as family and our interest in protecting their safety is at the top of our list."

So the next time you board your ship and are checking out everything from the buffet... to the pool... know that there are a lot of people looking out for your safety.

Commander Buddy Reams with the U.S. Coast Guard says, "There are a lot of different layers when it comes to safety of these ships because obviously the risk is high we have a lot of lives on board.

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