Published: Jan 28, 2013 6:42 PM EST

PARIS (AP) - France is warning that extremists could prevail in Syria, if the international community fails to honor its pledges of support for rebels fighting against the government of Bashar Assad.
There's increasing concern about the rising power of Islamic militant groups that have joined the rebels.
And France's foreign minister told diplomats from more than 50 nations who gathered in Paris today that when a government collapses, extremists can gain ground "if we do not act as we should." He called for "increased and concrete support" for the Syrian National Coalition, an umbrella group for the opposition.
Leaders of that group today urged the envoys to provide money and political backing. They say even though more than 100 countries have described the group to be the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, very little aid has trickled in.
More than $100 million was promised at a conference in Morocco last month, but it's unclear how much has been sent.
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