Published: Dec 09, 2012 9:59 AM EST

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Doctors not involved in the case say Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's return to Cuba for more cancer surgery is a matter of serious concern.
Doctors say it suggests Chavez has a recurring type of cancer. Chavez announced on television that he would travel to Cuba today.
He says he'll have more surgery for the illness that returned after two previous operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
Chavez , who won re-election on Oct. 7, called it a "new battle" and also said for the first time that if his health were to worsen, his successor would be Vice President Nicolas Maduro.
Chavez first underwent cancer surgery for an unspecified type of pelvic cancer in Cuba in June 2011. He had another cancer surgery last February after a tumor appeared in the same area. He has also undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
Chavez made his most recent trip to Cuba on the night of Nov. 27, saying he would receive hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Such treatment is regularly used to help heal tissues damaged by radiation treatment.