Published: Oct 30, 2012 12:28 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 30, 2012 1:30 PM EDT

NEW YORK CITY- High flood waters have made it tough to battle a massive fire burning dozens of homes in New York. The fire broke out last night as Sandy made landfall. Monster flames destroyed between 80-100 already-flooded homes in Rockaway Park, in Queens.

Those who live in the neighborhood still aren't in the clear. Crews continue to put out small pockets of fire and electrical wires are dangling within feet of the flooded streets. Firefighters say the water was chest-high on the street and forcing them to use boats to rescue residents. They said in one apartment home, about 25 people were trapped in an upstairs unit and the two story home next door was on fire with the flames quickly spreading. One crew member scaled the side of the building to get to their rescue.

To further complicate their efforts, water pressure from fire hydrants in the area is extremely low because of the storm, so crews resorted to using water from the flood to fight the flames.

This same neighborhood was hit by a tornado less than two months ago. Neighbors say they're awe-stricken by the size of the fire and the path of destruction it left behind.

One firefighter suffered a minor injury and was taken to a hospital. Two civilians were treated at the scene for minor injuries.