Published: Mar 05, 2012 5:58 PM EST

CAIRO (AP) - Egypt's ultraconservative Islamic Al-Nour party says one of its lawmakers has resigned from parliament after he was found to have lied in claiming he suffered facial bruises in a carjacking, when in fact he was recovering from a nose job.
Lawmaker Anwar al-Balkimy told police he was badly beaten during an attempt to steal his car while he was driving on a highway on Cairo's outskirts.
After the alleged assault, local television stations interviewed him in the hospital with his face bruised and wrapped in a white gauze.
Al-Nour said Monday that party officials questioned al-Balkimy and found that his claims of being attacked were false.
The al-Nour Party subscribes to a strict interpretation of Islam which prohibits plastic surgery as meddling in God's work.

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