Published: Dec 29, 2011 6:22 PM EST

MOSCOW (AP) - The Russian billionaire challenging Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in March's presidential election says he will push for a common currency with the European Union if elected.
Mikhail Prokhorov, estimated to be worth $18 billion, didn't explain details of his proposal for a "common global currency based on the euro and the ruble" in the guidelines of his election platform released Thursday.
The 46-year-old also said he would disband the parliament elected in a fraud-tainted vote earlier this month, and call a repeat election next December. That echoed the demand of participants in recent massive protests, fueled by ballot-stuffing and other violations in the Dec. 4 election.
Prokhorov - who made his fortune in metals, banking and media - also owns 80 percent of the New Jersey Nets.

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