Published: Nov 23, 2011 9:10 PM EST

CHICAGO (AP) - If it's time for Thanksgiving dinner, it's time for an annual family debate: Should the cranberry sauce be homemade, or come from a can?
Many Americans say that when it comes to the traditional side dish, they insist on the can.
How many fans there are is impossible to tell. But judging by the 86.4 million of cans Ocean Spray sells a year, there are a lot.  Devotees say the reason is simple: Canned sauce reminds them of what was served at Thanksgiving when they were kids.
Devotees say they can detect the jelly-like roll by its signature ridges. Some have perfected techniques to get it out so the sauce log retains the stripes. Others assign themselves the job of bringing the can to make sure it's on the menu.

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