Published: Jul 29, 2011 9:17 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 29, 2011 8:17 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) - A former Alaska resident is showing New York City how to party hearty.
Tazo, an orphaned sea otter, was honored at an anniversary bash this week at the New York Aquarium.
The pudgy critter who now calls Brooklyn home showed off some fancy swim moves while devouring colorful "ice cupcakes" fashioned from pureed fish.
Then he went back for seconds - a fanciful, blue and teal "cake" sculpted to look like a sand castle.
Tazo moved to the aquarium run by the Wildlife Conservation Society a year ago. In June, he began frolicking in an exhibit with his roommate, Jacob.
Tazo was found in a backyard in Homer, Alaska, after he was separated from his mother during a storm.
The Alaska Sea Life Center initially provided care.

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