Published: Jul 23, 2010 4:32 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 23, 2010 1:16 AM EDT

San Carlos Park, FL- WINK News talks exclusively to the man whose tip led deputies to accused killer Timothy Tuttle.
San Carlos resident Johnny Hooker says, " He moved and when he moved, I took a hard look at him. I seen it clear as it was day."
The last thing Johnny Hooker expected to see squatted in the woods while traveling southbound on the I-75 was a man wearing nothing but black basketball shorts.
Hooker says, "He was actually blending in the weeds, but he was pretty slick about it."
Not too slick for the eagle eye, however.  Hooker says he'd been keeping up with the news all week and knew deputies were looking for Timothy Tuttle, suspected of Killing Eric Stuebinger in a Cape Coral home invasion on July 10th. He immediately called deputies.
(911 Call from Johnny Hooker)
I'm gonna get that squirrly sucker. 
You're looking for Tim Tuttle, radio that helicoptor that's looking for him on 75, go south on Daniels about 70 yards, he's right in that clearing."
 Hooker says, 
"I would have went after him, I'm not worried about it."
(911 call) "I want the reward for this sucker if I catch him okay, Cause I'm going to go get him!"
It turns out that wasn't necessary, a K9 soon located Tuttle in the woods and he was arrested. 
Hooker says, "I was just in the right place a the right time."