Published: May 25, 2010 8:48 PM EDT
Updated: May 25, 2010 5:48 PM EDT

ALLIANCE, OH. - An Ohio woman was trying to get a job at an Ohio police station, but, instead she was arrested.

Police allege that 45-year-old Lori Furry is a drug dealer and authorities say they've been watching her for months; they even allege that undercover officers have bought drugs from her before.

She looked and sounded like any applicant applying for a position with the alliance police department. The 2009 ITT Technical Institute graduate wanted to be a computer analyst working on juvenile crimes and identity theft.

During the interview, she responded with a sworn, videotaped statement, saying, "It's something I've always wanted to do...This is the job I want...anything to help kids. I love children."

But unbeknownst to Furry, police already knew everything they needed to know. She'd been under surveillance for six months and undercover cops say they purchased drugs from her on three separate occasions. 

Saturday night, officers raided her home and found drug paraphernalia and cash. They say Furry told them that she had recently sold her last stash of cocaine.

Detectives believe she wanted the job to gain access to police computers and monitor drug investigations. They say now that they foiled her plan, she may be facing her worst fear, as revealed in that interview: "I'm scared to death of jails."

Furry's bond was set at $3,500 dollars. She had a court hearing scheduled for Monday.