Published: May 10, 2010 10:58 AM EDT

Venice, LA.-BP says it isn't any closer to capping the well, gushing thousands of barrels of oil into the water every day.

Now, the Coast Guard is looking at unusual techniques -- to stop the oil spill.

That 4-story structure that was supposed to cap the gushing oil leak is now sitting far away from it on the sea floor.

Now, British Petroleum is considering a number of other options to control the oil. They could deploy a smaller containment box in the next several days or try something the oil industry calls a junk shot.

"They're actually going to take a bunch of debris, shredded up tires, golf balls and things like that and under very high pressure shoot it into the preventer itself and see if they can clog it up and stop the leak," said Adm. Thad Allen, US Coast Guard.

Some 5,000 barrels of oil are still spewing into the gulf each day.

On Dauphin Island in Alabama, workers are cleaning up chunks of sticky tar suspected to be related to the spill.

"The beach is pretty important around here to everyone in the mobile area," said Maintenance Worker Darrell Taylor.

With no end in sight to the leak, state officials are now looking at even more drastic measures to try to keep the oil from reaching the shore.

Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal wants BP to consider dredging sand from around the Mississippi to help rebuild natural coastal barriers that have eroded over the years.

"We've asked BP and the Coast Guard to consider buddaemboss, the idea of using

sand to help protect our beaches," said Gov. Jindal.

And the federal government is looking into possible criminal charges.

"I've sent down representatives from the justice department to examine what our options are with regard to the activities that occurred there," said US Attorney General Eric Holder.

Those who live along the coast are watching closely to see what BP attempts next to stop the leak.