Published: May 04, 2010 10:50 AM EDT

BOSTON (AP) - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick lifted a boil

water order Tuesday morning for 2 million people in Boston area who

were told their tap water could be unsafe after a crucial water

main failed over the weekend.

Authorities said tests showed the water in 29 communities is now

safe for drinking. Saugus is still under the order, pending test

results expected early Tuesday.

Patrick had issued the order Saturday the 10-foot-wide pipe in

Weston failed. Crews raced to repair the pipe, and authorities had

been waiting for the results of water quality tests before lifting

the order.

The breach forced the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to

use a backup system. Residents were told to use bottled water or

boil tap water for a minute before using it to drink, cook or brush

their teeth.

On Monday, President Barack Obama signed an emergency disaster

declaration authorizing federal agencies to coordinate relief

efforts with local authorities.

State officials said they are determined to find out what caused

the failure of a seven-year-old pipe. Portions of the pipe washed

into the Charles River and need to be recovered, Patrick said.

He said the blowout helps justify his administration's decision

to push ahead on construction of a second, redundant water delivery

system to help prevent another interruption of service.

Democratic House Speaker Robert DeLeo, whose hometown of

Winthrop was under the boil water order, said he's anxious to make

sure that ratepayers aren't left holding the repair bill.

Residents did their best to cope with the inconvenience,

stocking up on bottled water and paper plates to avoid having to

boil water to wash dishes.

At Fenway Park, where the Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Angels

17-8 Monday night, water fountains were turned off and signs posted

around the ballpark reminded fans of the order. The Red Sox brought

in ice from Rhode Island for the clubhouse.

Concession stands were selling bottled soft drinks instead of

fountain mixes, and beer service wasn't affected.