Published: Sep 04, 2012 4:31 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 05, 2012 6:32 AM EDT

Most first- and second-year quarterbacks starting season openers in the NFL since the league absorbed three teams from the All-America Football Conference in 1950, according to STATS LLC.

2012 (10): Robert Griffin III, Redskins (1st season); Andrew Luck, Colts (1st); Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins (1st); Brandon Weeden, Browns (1st); Russell Wilson, Seahawks (1st); Andy Dalton, Bengals (2nd); Blaine Gabbert, Jaguars (2nd); Jake Locker, Titans (2nd); Cam Newton, Panthers (2nd) Christian Ponder, Vikings (2nd).

2000 (8): Tim Couch, Browns (2nd); Daunte Culpepper, Vikings (2nd); Jeff Garcia, 49ers (2nd); Shaun King, Buccaneers (2nd); Ryan Leaf, Chargers (2nd); Donovan McNabb, Eagles (2nd); Cade McNown, Bears (2nd); Akili Smith, Bengals (2nd)

2002 (6): David Carr, Texans (1st); Drew Brees, Chargers (2nd); Quincy Carter, Cowboys (2nd); Mike McMahon, Lions (2nd); Chris Redman, Ravens (2nd); Michael Vick, Falcons (2nd)

1978 (6): Steve DeBerg, 49ers (1st); Mike Kirkland, Colts (1st); Doug Williams, Buccaneers (1st); Jerry Golsteyn, Giants (2nd); June Jones, Falcons (2nd); David Whitehurst, Packers (2nd)

1972 (6): Tim Van Galder, Cardinals (1st); Ken Anderson, Bengals (2nd); Scott Hunter, Packers (2nd); Archie Manning, Saints (2nd); Dan Pastorini, Oilers (2nd); Jim Plunkett, Patriots (2nd)

1968 (6): Dan Darragh, Bills (1st); Greg Landry, Lions (1st); Dewey Warren, Bengals (1st); Bob Griese, Dolphins (2nd); Joe Kapp, Vikings (2nd); Kent Nix, Steelers (2nd)

1950 (6): Frankie Albert, 49ers (1st); Adrian Burk, Colts (1st); Otto Graham, Browns (1st); George Ratterman, Yanks (1st); Tobin Rote, Packers (1st); Norm Van Brocklin, Rams (2nd)