Published: May 13, 2010 7:54 PM EDT

MIAMI (AP) - Send dessert to Dwyane Wade's table or start a
standing ovation. Don't ask for a car or display your D-Wade

      These, and other tips for Miami Heat fans, are now available on
a website - - unveiled Thursday by the team with
hopes of keeping the 2006 NBA finals MVP in South Florida for years
to come.

      "We want to show Wade the love," the website says.

      Wade learned of the Heat's web campaign Thursday morning,
shortly after the team's marketing department launched the new site
- which was already getting posts from fans within a few minutes of
going live.

      "I thought it was hilarious," Wade said. "But I appreciate
it. I do, I really do."

      The former league scoring champion will exercise his right to
become a free agent, and he'll be clear to talk with other teams at
12:01 a.m. July 1. He has said many times that his preference is to
stay with the Heat, which can offer him a deal for six years and
worth about $127 million - more years and more money than any other
club could offer.

      Signing him, of course, is the Heat top priority for the

      The website touts itself as the "place to show your support for
our MV3 and to help keep Dwyane Wade in Wade County! ... And we'll
be adding things right up to the start of the free agency period,
so check back often for the latest D.Wade info, events, downloads
and more."

      Wade said he didn't expect a website in his honor, but has
learned not to be surprised by any approach when it comes to his
future. Everywhere he goes, he's asked by fans where he'll play
next season - and, more often than not, begged to sign in their

      "You get a lot of people respectful of you and you understand
that they want you to be in the city - whatever city that is,"
Wade said. "They express that opinion no matter where you go. I'll
never be surprised of anyone who says it."

      The site was an instant hit: The Heat said it was overwhelmed
quickly after launch, and the team said it would be switching to
larger servers to handle the interest.

      Free agency is only one significant issue for Wade this summer.

      He's embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody case in Chicago,
and in Miami, is facing a lawsuit brought by former partners in a
failed restaurant deal. Wade is also seeking damages from those
partners over use of his likeness, and other suits involving plans
to sell memorabilia and attaching his name to a charter school are

      "I've got to continue to try to live my life and enjoy my life,
but at the same time, knowing and understanding it's a trying time
in my life," Wade said. "For me, this summer right now, it's all
about my kids and my family, trying to spend time with my loved
ones and getting my mind away from everything that's going on."

      That's why little bits of levity - like this new Heat website,
or even the reaction in Chicago about what he wore to a hearing
there involving the divorce and custody cases earlier this week -
are welcomed by Wade.

      It became big news in Chicago on Monday when Wade - who will
likely be courted by the Bulls this summer - showed up for court in
red and black.

      Red and black are Bulls colors.

      "I thought it was Heat colors," Wade said. "Always looking
for an angle, everyone. I just laugh at it and keep it moving."
      Wade site: