Published: Mar 20, 2012 11:35 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 21, 2012 12:33 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A report out today shows the face of Cape Coral is changing, younger people are moving in. Now, that has the Community Redevelopment Agency pushing to bring more dining, and entertainment to downtown.

 "A lot of things have changed, we've done a lot of things downtown to affect change," said CRA Executive Director John Jacobsen.

The report contains almost 70 pages rich with information about the south Cape, from parking to traffic to personal income. Jacobsen says its crucial to keeping and attracting new businesses and customers.

"It gives us good guidance documents," he said. Which say there is a need to improve dining, entertainment and shopping, along Cape Coral Parkway. "We've seen the bottom and we're climbing out," he said.

That's something - becoming apparent to Ralph Sangiovanni, owner of Razzle Dazzle."We've been through some rough times but we are coming out of it," he said.

This new analysis is also showing a change in the age demographic of Cape Coral, its now showing an increase in ages of 25 to 55. Officials say that's the group who likes to spend the most money and that's good news for businesses here.

"What we have noticed tremendously in the last few years, the demographics of the 25, 30 to 50, 55 year old, has literally exploded," he said. Jacobsen says this is proof the market is making a comeback.

This new report could help the CRA board make it's case to stay in business. The Cape Coral city council is looking to disband the board and take over its responsibilities. The council will talk about the CRA's future on Monday.