Published: Sep 04, 2014 3:54 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Two people were arrested after authorities discovered a package with narcotics at a shipping facility.

41-year-old Joanne Holcomb and 19-year-old Dustin Hughes were arrested for possession of marijuana and smuggling.

Authorities were conducting parcel inspections at a local shipping facility in an attempt to locate drug laden parcels when a K9 identified a package as containing narcotics.

Detectives obtained a search warrant to see what was inside the package.

Police say they found 16 pounds of marijuana inside. A pound of marijuana was placed back into the package in order to conduct a controlled delivery of the marijuana.

A GPS tracking device and tamper sensor device were placed within the package. The package was then mailed to the original recipient.

Holcomb and Hughes were arrested at the location while they intended to pick up the shipped marijuana.

Officials say further investigation revelated Holcomb was working with others to smuggle marijuana through packages across the United States.