Published: Sep 04, 2014 2:56 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 04, 2014 3:49 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- WINK News has confirmed, the Estero domestic shooting investigation involving two Naples police officers is now in the hands of the State Attorney's Office. 

Officer Amy Young was injured in that July shooting, in her Estero home. She survived a gunshot wound to the face, and has been on leave since. 

Young's boyfriend, Officer David Monroig, died.

A judge in Collier County granted Young's request on Wednesday to have her firearm returned.

WINK News confirmed Thursday that the Lee County Sheriff's Office has completed their investigation.

Now the State Attorney's Office will decide whether or not any criminal charges could be filed.

Sheriff Mike Scott released a statement to the media, regarding requests for comment on the completed LCSO investigation. 

It reads:

In the weeks following the tragic shooting of two Naples Police Officers, local media outlets have predictably but regrettably chosen to fan the flames of speculation and attempted to impose timing for our release of information.  In doing so, some news reports have even implied that our investigation was taking too long and/or that my office has an obligation to respond to media requests for updates.  While it may well be your job to "ask" it is certainly not my job to "tell" absent an impending threat to public safety.  As I said early on in this case, and as has always been my practice, our investigative timeline will never cater to a media headline deadline.  The standard with every major crime is that our victims, suspects, witnesses, families, friends, and the general public deserve a thorough investigation and examination of the evidence.  Likewise, our Prosecutors and all components of the judicial system typically suffer when the integrity of investigations is compromised for media placation or anything else.

 We have completed our investigation and earlier today, my team and I presented this case to the State Attorney's Office and provided them with the entire compilation of evidence.  There will be no further comment from my office until such time as the State Attorney's Office has completed its investigation.