Published: Sep 04, 2014 6:49 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- McDonald's' golden arches and Circle K's red logo may have to go if a sign ordinance goes through.

The city is considering regulating the colors that line area roads but that has some business owners seeing red with anger.

Bill Wallace knows a good sign when he sees one. He's been in the street-side advertising business in Southwest Florida since the 1960s. "There's an old adage, a business with no sign is a sign of no business. Or a sign of no business is a business without a sign," said Wallace.

Just as the technology has changed, so have the restrictions.

Tonight's forum at the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce was organized for business owners who aren't happy with proposed changes.

Business owners are afraid the ordinance could have significant implications.

The city's considering banning freestanding signs that have more than one primary color: red, yellow or blue. Backgrounds for the signs can't have secondary colors: green, purple or orange. There would also have to be a 15 degree color difference for all backgrounds using primary or secondary colors.

It's been done before, in Sedona, Arizona McDonald's golden arches were turned turquoise blue to fit the city's sign ordinance.

Some Bonita Springs leaders say the changes could help drivers pay more attention on the roads and clean up the look for the city. Others say the cost might be too great.