Published: Sep 03, 2014 10:45 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 03, 2014 10:54 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.-   WINK News is seeing the aftermath of a possible tornado in Cape Coral. Neighbors tell us it was a like a freight train tore through their community Wednesday night.

The good news is that no one was hurt, at a home in the south Cape.  A family who lives here rushed inside when the storm hit.  "Five second later the wind came in blew the fence down. Torn up the lanai screens," said homeowner Lee Offerdahl.

"Everything was just going. All this debris in a circle, and then everything started blowing out. Then this explosion. Still don't know what that was," said Trish Offerdahl.

A peaceful afternoon turned terrifying for this Cape Coral family. They just moved to the city from Ohio about a month ago, and received a windy welcome they'll never forget.

"It was like a freight train!  It was loud! Panic. I though this was it. We're done! It just kept getting worse and worse quick.  I thought this is it. The whole place is going to go," said Trish.

Strong wind bowled through their fence, ripped a screen off their lanai and blew a chair into their swimming pool.

"She started yelling and I head it before she was yelling. And I kind of knew. I don't know what else would sound like that," said Lexi Merkel.

WINK News viewers from across the city sent photos showing the formation of a funnel cloud Wednesday.
Wild weather also caused problems at a home on Skyline Boulevard.
Lightning may have sparked the blaze, forcing the family inside, to find another place to stay. Thankfully firefighters rescued their pets.

"This is southwest Florida. This is what happens! You know. A mile up the road? It didn't even rain!" said Lee.

WINK News is checking with the National Weather Service to see if a tornado did touch down.