Published: Aug 29, 2014 5:13 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 29, 2014 6:17 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Lee County's biggest newspaper, The News-Press, is celebrating 130 years! The paper hasn't missed a day of delivery since it started back in 1884. Tonight, WINK News got a closer look at the paper that has changed so much over time.

"There's not many organizations that can say they have been around for 130 years."

The News-Press is celebrating 130 years by taking it's subscribers on a walk with them down memory lane.

"We want to fulfill the desire to be the trusted hometown source," said President and Publisher, Mei-Mei Chan.

You can see just how much the newspaper has changed over the years. WINK News was able to look through a paper published back in 1895, but one thing that hasn't changed, is the dedication the paper has to it's community.

"It's gratifying and it's a heavy responsibility coming to play, serving the greater good and being a public servant to make sure we shed light on places that are dark and to give a voice to the voiceless," said Chan.

Chan says for this anniversary they are going back in time and taking a look back in history.

"I challenged the team to go back and pick the best front pages over the last 130 years."

One of the biggest turn of events, is the ability to reach more of their viewers via social media.

"You have to keep evolving in order to be successful in this new economy, this new landscape with consumers making new decisions on how they spend their time and energy."

So what can we see in the upcoming editions of the News-Press over the next 130 days? Everyday, they are highlighting an influential person in Southwest Florida, writing facts about the News-Press, as well as Fort Myers trivia.

"Whatever the platform is, we still hunger to know what's going on around us, we want to know what's going on around us, how can I make a difference, what does it mean to my family, my kids, my community and my tax dollars."

The 130th News-Press anniversary special editions will run everyday until December 31st. Chan says the news press is also the oldest business in Lee County.