Published: Aug 26, 2014 6:41 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- A battle over beach chairs is brewing on Fort Myers Beach.

Residents are frustrated saying vendors are taking up prime beach spots.

Fort Myers Beach resident Joe Stockton said beach chair rental vendors are blocking the best beach front views.

Stockon said vendors set up a wall of empty beach chairs along the shoreline that keep everybody else away.

The town of Fort Myers Beach says vendors can only rent out chairs behind hotels and resorts or in the downtown zoning district, which runs from Diamond Resort to Times Square.

Chairs have to stay 12-feet from the wet sand.

Vice Mayor Dan Andre says it's hard to ride his bike in the 12-feet the vendors cannot use.

"At some points I have to get off my bike and push it between the chairs," said Andre.

The owner of Mid Island Water Sports Chris Weber tells WINK News if the public wants a better view, they need to get their earlier.

"Really whoever is there first, is the person that maintains that spot," said Weber.

Weber also said he only sets up what he expects to rent out that day.