Published: Aug 24, 2014 10:39 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Cape Coral residents are demanding change, after 15-year-old Austin Dukette was hit and killed by a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy's cruiser.

Friends told WINK News Dukette was riding his bike to school along Kismet Pkwy. when the accident happened Friday morning.  Dukette died Saturday at Tampa General Hospital.

One day before they head back to school, Dukette's friends gathered at the scene of the crash to hold a short memorial Sunday.

Mourners laid flowers and shared memories along the sidewalkless stretch of road.

Marion McCarthy attended the memorial with her son, Brenden, a close friend of Dukette's.

"He remembers Austi, and he remembers the good times,and he has a lot of fond memories," McCarthy said of her son.  "He'll take that with him."

While those closest to the freshman at Mariner High School know the scars from Dukette's death might never heal, they are calling for change, to make sure no one gets hit by a car on Kismet.

"This road, especially -- definitely needs some kind of bike lanes," McCarthy said.  "Definitely lights. Cape Coral needs to get on that."

Hours after Dukette's death, a Facebook page titled "Cape Coral Needs Sidewalks and Street Lights" formed and gathered hundreds of "likes."

"The walk to and from our local schools is unacceptable," the "About" section of the Facebook page reads.

"The roads are horrible around here," McCarthy said  "Not being able to see these kids while they're going to and from school? It's dangerous!"