Published: Aug 22, 2014 11:16 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla, - A Cape Coral man arrested for trying to kidnap a woman and expose himself to her is now back on the streets. WINK News confirms Curtis Cornelison, 28,  bonded out of jail Friday afternoon, and has also learned he has a wife and son, and served in the military.

Facebook photos, obtained by WINK News, reveal new details about Curtis Cornelison. He's a family man, and member of the military.

"They've got it all wrong." A neighbor who didn't want to be identified tells WINK News police arrested the wrong guy.

"Hes been gone for a couple years now, he had a hitch in the service. He just got back two months ago with a brand new wife and baby," explained the man.

But detectives say Cornelison is the man who grabbed a 45 year old woman by her hair earlier this week, as she rollerskated on Surfside Boulevard in Cape Coral. The victim says Cornelison tried to force her toward his car while exposing his genitals.

WINK News went back to Cornelison's home Friday, not long after he bonded out of jail, to get his side of the story. No one answered, but the people inside closed the garage door.

A maroon car with new york license plates was sitting out front. It's the same car the victim described to police.

Before his arrest, neighbor Gene Nikolai says an officer came to his door and asked him to call detectives if he saw that car.

"We saw it again, gave them a call," he said. "Another cop, not the same one, came by. He knocked on the door, walked out with a young man, and they both got into his car and left."

According to his arrest report, Cornelison is also a suspect in a 2009 indecent exposure case. But he told detectives he had nothing to do with that.