Published: Aug 22, 2014 5:21 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 22, 2014 5:33 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Lee County jail records show Curtis Cornelison, 28, was released on $40,000 bond Friday afternoon, one day after his arrest for the alleged attempted kidnapping of a Cape Coral woman.

The victim told police she was rollerskating on Surfside Boulevard when a man grabbed her ponytail and began pulling her into a car, exposing his genitals.  The woman managed to get away and flag down another driver, who followed the suspect car while the victim snapped pictures with her cell phone.  Photos of the license plate led police to Cornelison's home.

An incident report released by the Cape Coral police department shows investigators suspected Cornelison in a 2009 case of indecent exposure.  In that case, the victim was walking near the Cape Coral hospital when she was passed by an early model black Ford Taurus sedan.

"The driver honked the horn... [and] lifted himself up out of the seat, enough to expose his penis to the victim," the report says.

"She described the driver, but said it was difficult to see his face," the report continues.

Several days later, the report says the woman saw the car again. 

"The victim was able to copy down the tag [number]... and called CCPD to notify them," the report says. The tag led police to Cornelison's Cape Coral home.

A spokesperson for CCPD tells WINK News a lack of evidence meant investigators could not arrest or charge Cornelison.  The case was never solved.

Following his arrest this week, investigators say Cornelison appeared uneasy when questioned about Wednesday's alleged attempted kidnapping.

"He swallowed hard and looked nervous and denied ever exposing his genitals," the report says.  "He admitted that the clothing he was wearing during the interview was the same clothing he'd been wearing all day.  The shorts... were khaki long shorts (just as the victim described.)"

Detectives then asked Cornelison about the 2009 case, according to the incident report.

"Cornelison admitted he was living here at the time, and said he frequented the area around the Cape Coral Hospital," the report said. "He said his wife taught dance classes nearby... and he would drop her off and drive around until she was done.  He denied ever exposing hismelf in 2009, and chalked it up to being a coincidence."

WINK News made a public information request for the 2009 indecent exposure report.  It shows the victim believed the suspect to be a man between 35 and 45 years old.  Cornelison was in early 20s at the time.

Cornelison is due back in court on kidnapping charges in September.