Published: Aug 21, 2014 7:29 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 21, 2014 7:29 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS -- It is the fish feeding that's gone viral! A goliath grouper decided a fisherman's catch would be its lunch!

It happened in just 25 foot deep water. The fisherman's catch of the day turned out to be big bucks.

Gretchen Schwerdtfeger was excited her son caught a four-foot shark.

"Oh, he's a pretty little shark," you can hear her say in the video.

Her son, Luke, planned to release the shark, but before he did, the grouper surfaced and swallowed the catch whole!

"Whoa! Oh my God!" you can hear Gretchen yell in the video.

In an interview with WINK News, Gretchen Schwerdtfeger said, "One bite. That four-foot shark was gone in one bite."

Her son, Luke said, "it had been kind of stalking our boat throughout the day. We'd catch glimpses of him," he continued. "Felt kind of like captain Ahab in Moby Dick; just not knowing where this guy was going to be or whether we were seeing things."

Trying to get a good glimpse at the underwater creature Luke stuck his Gopro (and his hand) in the water.

"I'm a biologist by trade," he said, "so I really kind of wanted to see what he looked like under water compared to the shark," he continued, "and my mom screamed at me after I did that so I pulled the camera back up."

It was when Luke tried to cut the line that the grouper went in for the snack. The look on his face after the fact says it all.

As of 7:00 Thursday night, two days after posting it online, the video reached seven million views. Luke allowed ads on the page which means the more people who watch his video, the more money he earns.

His mom is equally excited for extra cash, "We pay for the undergraduate," she said, "but if he makes enough money off this, it can go to his masters program." she continued, "Hey, anything is a bonus!" 


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