Published: Aug 21, 2014 10:13 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Deputies used fingerprints to link a Fort Myers man to another home burglary Thursday afternoon.


Earlier this week, detectives released video of a man breaking in to a home while the family was asleep over the weekend. A tip then lead deputies to arrest Robert Conant on Wednesday.


38-year old Conant has a dozen mugshots from arrests on the Lee County Sheriff's Office website. "This is what this guy does, almost his entire adult life, he has been breaking into people's homes again and again and again" said Trish Routte with Crime Stoppers.


Detectives said someone called in a tip naming Conant as the man who was caught on camera breaking into a home in Whiskey Creek Sunday night. "In the meantime, the detectives were looking at him as a possible suspect in other very similar burglaries in the same general vicinity."


Routte tells WINK News Conant's fingertips quickly linked him to another burglary at this home off of Griffin Boulevard last month. "On Friday July 11 he had broken into someone's home. The woman had just left for a half hour to drop her kids off, in that time he used some kind of blunt object to smash through a lanai window and got into the house."


Within that time, deputies saidConant was seen on surveillance video pulling up to the home and leaving. They said he walked out the front door with more than $6,000 worth of stuff that included a TV,IPAD's and jewelry.  


And the case gets even more scarywhen deputies learned the victim hired Conant to do maintenance work around the house. "And had asked the victim 'hey you know you've gotsome boxes on the walls what are those? Are those alarms?'And she said 'no they're not.'So, he knew that he didn't have to deal with an alarm system, he knew probably when she was gonna be gone and drop the kids off, so he had a little bit of intel there."


Since the burglary the homeowners have added an alarm system.


Routte tells WINK News there's a lesson learned here: always check out the people you hire to do work around your home. A simple search of Conant's name would have brought up his extensive criminal history.