Published: Aug 19, 2014 6:31 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 19, 2014 6:53 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A rash of crimes is targeting boaters. Thieves are stealing everything from kayaks to fishing equipment, and now boat owners have had enough.

"No matter how well you prepare yourself for theft or for hurricanes you never know you just didn't do enough." Frank Perrucci is hoping to change that through a Marine Theft Prevention Session.

On Tuesday night, the Marine Industries Association of Collier County along with Naples Police and Collier County Sheriff's Office came together at the Naples Boat Club. The main focus: how boaters can better protect themselves from crooks.

"With the sharing of information everyone will learn something and give an idea to another marina, to another boat owner, to say hey I never thought about that maybe I'll do that as well."

Perrucci tells WINK News thieves are steering to boat owners more and more,"from electronics to other equipment on the boat or the entire boat it's unbelievable."

On Monday,Naples police say a man reported $700 worth of fishing reels stolen from his boat. According to the report, the boat was docked in an area on Sandpiper Street.

Besides fishing equipment, crooks are also after electronics."Some of the larger boats you can get into the $50,000 and $100,000 worth of electronics and it's an easy prey" said Perrucci. "Sometimes they just come in and snip the wires, unbolt, and then they go and thats how quickly it happens."